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      How we work

      We help exceptional people find exceptional jobs.

      Lawson Chase is an international search firm that represents experienced candidates across four core industries: Alternative Investments, Financial Markets, Professional Services and Technology.

      We treat our candidate relationships as something to be nurtured long-term and won’t ever make you feel like a commodity. As trusted career partners, we are here for every twist and turn of your professional life and we want to keep in touch with you both when you are actively looking for a new job and even when you’re not! We are with you for the long-term.

      Acting in your interests

      When you register with a Lawson Chase consultant, we’ll undertake a full career appraisal and crunch the nitty-gritty of what is driving your interest in a new opportunity.

      Work with true Specialists

      Our recruiters are specialists in vertical markets and have an in-depth knowledge of the areas they recruit in.

      Confidentiality & Discretion

      When you speak to a consultant at Lawson Chase, you know you are in good hands. All interactions with our firm are 100% confidential.

      Active Candidates

      If you are actively seeking a new position, we’ll work with you to see whether we are able to include you within our shortlists for any live openings that have been registered with Lawson Chase. If we have an immediate fit, we’ll put together your application in a way that we believe will best represent you for the opportunity/opportunities at hand.

      If we haven’t got a live, immediate requirement that fits (and sometimes that happens), if you have a background that we believe some of our clients have expressed a historical or long-term interest in, we can discuss the possibility of making some proactive approaches to our clients on your behalf. This can be a fantastic way for us to discuss your profile with some of your potential ’employers of choice’ and can be a fantastic way for you to open up doors that may otherwise be closed.

      Passive Candidates

      If you aren’t ready to consider changing position now but see the value in having Lawson Chase act as your eyes & ears in the market, we’d consider you to be a ‘passive candidate’. We’ll keep in touch with you over a period of months & years, updating you with market intelligence and opportunities we believe are ‘unmissable’. Having an intimate understanding of the intricacies of your career aspirations helps guide us in knowing when you’d like to hear from us.

      The registration process


      We’ll ask you to send us a copy of your resume so that we can assimilate the way in which you are presenting your career thus far on paper. This will allow us to determine whether we believe we can be an effective recruitment partner to you and whether there are any live, relevant opportunities we can recommend you to consider.


      If your experience is well suited to one of our practice areas of coverage, we’ll seek to set up a conversation with you to discuss your career in detail as well as your aspirations, interests, motivations, specific experience and expectations. This ‘career appraisal’ is our way of getting to know you well and the first step to building a meaningful candidate/recruiter relationship.


      If we’ve determined that there are one or more live positions that we can include you on our shortlists for, we’ll work with you to put together your application. If we are processing an application on your behalf, its because we believe there is a high likelihood that we can secure you an interview for the given position. We may also determine that your profile would be of interest on a more proactive-introduction basis to some of our clients and this may be a path forward that we suggest to you.


      We will guide you through each interview stage, helping you to prepare and arming you with the information we believe will give you the best likelihood of success. 


      If we reach the offer stage, your recruiter will help you to gauge the merits of the offer against your aspirations & expectations and support you to negotiate, if appropriate/required.


      We’ll help you prepare for your resignation and guide you through what to do if you experience a counteroffer scenario with your current employer. 


      Your recruiter will keep in close touch with you from your first day in your new job, checking in regularly to make sure you are happy!

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        Attach a CV (Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf.)