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    Analyst (Corporate Intelligence and Investigations)

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      Analyst (Corporate Intelligence and Investigations)

      Berlin, Germany




      A corporate intelligence and investigations company based in Berlin is currently looking to hire an Analyst to join its team conducting corporate intelligence and investigations throughout Europe and beyond. They will be given the opportunity to rapidly develop skills and experience in one of the most interesting and exciting lines of work that one could hope to be in.

      While previous professional experience is a plus, it is not a requirement. Instead, the firm is looking for individuals with an aptitude for critical thinking, in-depth research, and report writing, who demonstrate tenacity and conscientiousness in their approach. A high level of written English proficiency is a must, knowledge of other foreign languages is a bonus.

      Please note that this is not a geopolitical risk, corporate security, or cybersecurity position. While there is overlap with these fields, work predominantly concerns business transactions. The firm uncovers risks related to an investment or senior hire, unravel complex layers of ownership across different jurisdictions, and help legal teams build the strongest case during a dispute.


      Key Responsibilities

      • Conducting open-source research (also known as OSINT) in a wide range of sources, such as corporate records, press and online media, litigation and regulatory filings, and leaked datasets.
      • Synthesising the data gathered from such sources to produce well-written and strategically actionable reports serving a diverse range of intelligence requirements, including enhanced due diligence, asset tracing, and litigation support.
      • Working with an extensive network of associates, including fellow researchers, on-the-ground partners, and a wide range of human sources with expertise in specific sectors.
      • Liaising with clients to ensure that reports are tailored to their needs and are delivered within the agreed scope, budget, and timeline.
      • Developing and maintaining research methodologies for jurisdictions in which the firm works and keeping up to date with new developments in the availability of open-source data.


      Skills, Knowledge & Experience

      • Passionate about in-depth research. Enjoys piecing together data points and developing a comprehensive picture. Doesn’t give up when they hit obstacles but thinks: “I will find a way to get the information I’m looking for.”
      • Detail-oriented, with a clear and elegant style of writing. Exceptional command of professional-level written English. Gets satisfaction from delivering a high-quality report that genuinely helps the client to make an informed decision.
      • Enjoys working in a team and regularly communicating with a wide range of external associates. Is naturally communicative and gracious, and enjoys building personal and professional relationships.
      • Can accept feedback and learn quickly. There is a steep initial learning curve, and a lot of training and support will be provided. This will include direct, clear, and respectful feedback.
      • Has sufficient understanding of the international business and political landscape to quickly grasp the concepts they are exploring. Has a rudimentary understanding of company forms and finance terminology (or can be taught). Isn’t put off by legalese.
      • Has the personality of an educator, meaning someone who can understand a concept fully and convey it to another person (whether that be a colleague, an associate, or a client) in the most appropriate way to help them understand it.

      Posted by

      Ben Kinley

      Group Managing Director

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